How your mind sabotage you

3 ways your mind is sabotaging you:

1. You are hard wired and super coded to run away from ‘Unknown ‘ and run back to what is ‘Known ‘.

An example of this is most of the time you reject your praise and add your own criticism. Because your own criticism is more familiar and that’s what you have been doing.

The way to go about it is, you make your praise, success familiar, make no sugar in the tea familiar and so on.

2. Fear of Rejection.

You may not attempt to do something due to fear of rejection. Be it in relationship, or a career.

Rejection in fact open new doors of opportunities if you can bounce back.

3. We tell ourselves Lies.

Like I am not good enough, I am overweight, I cannot do this and so on..

If you have to tell a lie to yourself then at least tell a better lie. .

Like I am amazing, I have phenomenal skills, I have perfect body and so on.

Don’t let your mind sabotage you but use it to have happy and fulfilling life. Because that’s the tool you have got to make a difference.

Hypnotherapy helps in taking control of your thoughts.


How to Nurture a Relationship

Relationships between two adult individuals are always one of the most challenging aspects of human nature to understand. I wonder why some relationships work and some do not. Why there is so much understanding, love, joy and respect in one relationship while other relationships are totally devoid of that.

It takes 2 individuals in one relationship to work, and that’s where the challenge starts. A relationship can be a challenging one when two totally different individuals are involved. Two different individuals who have different priorities in life, come from different backgrounds, have different emotional needs and may have different values and belief systems. These differences, however may sometimes work to spice up the relationship – there is no fixed formula for a relationship to be a success. I have seen people getting separated who seemed made for each other and I have seen couples carrying on even though they appear totally away from each other.

Then what is this important recipe or ingredient that makes a relationship successful?

First, let’s discuss some of the important ingredients to make a good relationship.

Love, Respect, Communication, Flexibility, Understanding the Other’s Perspective.

There can be many more factors but let us keep our discussion to the main ingredients for the sake of this article.

Love: What is love? A very deep and difficult question to answer. We tend to answer this question keeping our need in mind and that’s where we might sway to the wrong side. Let us close our eyes and just think of love. What is love? Love is the purest form of feelings. When I think about it honestly and feel it inside my heart the answer comes: to give. Love is to give. Simple, no ifs or buts.

Respect: What is respect? I think respecting another person means we accept the person as they are. We accept the uniqueness, we accept the individuality, we accept the other person with all his/her strengths and weaknesses. We should appreciate our partner more and criticize less. It is known fact that constant criticism slowly damage the relationship overtime. We should make a concious effort to appreciate our partner on small acts rather than take them for granted.

Communication: Effective communication is the most important ingredient in the context of the modern age for a successful relationship. The importance of it cannot be emphasized more. With effective communication, we can resolve issues and dissolve issues before they become too big. Most of us, whilst perhaps aware of the importance of communication, fail to practise this when push comes to shove. Is it because of our egos, or are we too afraid and weary of emotional draining? Your reason could be for you to find out but communicating rather than just reacting can save many of the relationships.

Flexibility: No matter how similar two human beings in a relationship are, each one of them must adapt to different degrees at various times. As two adults, we are expected to be different from each other. When we have respect for each other’s individuality, it is easier to adapt. Bring some flexibility and adaptability into the relationship.

Understanding the Other’s Perspective: In a relationship, this is the biggest mistake I have seen couples making. It is very easy to say what I want from others or from a relationship. What we fail to understand is the perspective of the other person. What are they trying to fulfil? Where are they coming from? We will do a wonder to our relationships if we from time to time, act as the other partner, step into their shoes and see their perspective.

A relationship needs nurturing from time to time. It is a work in progress. It requires two people, each pouring these ingredients from their side into the relationship and thereby strengthening it -nourishing it day by day.


Happiness in life

True happiness is in realising our true potential as human beings. It is deep faith in our inner power and strong life force irrespective of external circumstances. When we realize our inner power, we can handle any situation and sail through difficult circumstances. Stress in life comes from the demand. But we have inner resource as well to meet those demands. The more we realise it and the more we work on increasing our inner resource by meditation, hypnosis, yoga, prayer, the happier we become and lead our life with full confidence. True happiness is not the absence of difficulties but having strong inner power to overcome any obstacle giving us joy and sense of fulfillment. Life is a journey not a destination. Let us make our journey of life meaningful and enjoyable by getting in touch with our inner power.

We have conscious mind and sub conscious mind. The way we live our life, our patterns, belief, values and fixed ideas are all stored in sub conscious mind. During hypnotic state, our conscious mind gets aside and our sub conscious mind is ready to take suggestions. Hypnotherapy helps in removing negative emotions and fixed ideas from sub conscious mind and instilling positive belief by giving positive suggestion in hypnotic state. These positive suggestions goes directly into the sub conscious mind. It is very powerful as most of the limitations and sufferings are due to the limiting belief we have about ourselves and Hypnotherpy helps to overwrite those limiting belief by positive and strong self belief. We become more aligned with our inner power, realised our full potential and become more happier in life.