Walking Hypnosis or Waking Hypnosis

Waking Hypnosis or Walking Hypnosis
We know that hypnotic state is achieved when the critical faculty is bypassed, therefore making selective thinking possible.
In waking hypnosis or walking hypnosis the hypnosis is achieved without the use of trance state. In the case of waking hypnosis or walking hypnosis, it involves the bypass of the critical faculty in waking state.

Think for a moment
- If you ever found yourself searching for car keys and you are holding it in your hands, you are probably in walking hypnosis or waking hypnosis.

Every effect which can be obtained with the trance state is obtainable in many people while they are awake. For example if I ask you, your name and address you will give it. And when I snap my fingers and ask you again, you won't be able to remember it. That state is walking or waking hypnosis. It may be achieved on clients who have never been in trance state.

Waking or walking hypnosis is very much achieved in groups as well. A whole group of people can be hypnotized together in a room. For example if I cut open an orange in front of a group, make a wry face and say these words "oh, this smells awful and looks rotten". And when you give to people in the room one one by they all will agree. Some may even won't want to touch it. Now this is waking hypnosis achieved as I am able to bypass the critical faculty of group and they lost there sense of judgement by losing two senses, sight and smell.

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