Everybody faces hard times every once in a while and its encouraging to have a chat about it. Never forget that you are not alone and there is always a solution for your problem.

In this page, you will find how each therapy works. These are all powerful and proven techniques. These brings the changes in your life very quickly, if not instantly and you will see longer term positive changes in your life. You will start seeing your life with more positive outlook.

You will improve your emotional health and achieve goals in life!

My role as a coach is to connect with you, understand your problems and help you using the combination of various techniques as appropriate. I use hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching as a combination therapy as required and bespoke to your needs.



Hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy and has been in use for many years. It is a very powerful method to make deep and permanent changes in the subconscious mind.Our subconscious mind not only holds information that is outside our consciousness, but it also manages sensation and body functions. our subconscious mind keep our heart beating, our blood circulating, our digestion working and our lymph system operating and makes our eyes blink without our conscious awareness. In fact our subconscious mind communicate with every cell in the body.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that possesses an extraordinary quality of mental, physical and emotional relaxation. It is heightened state of awareness of hearing and touch etc.
In hypnosis, we tap into the creative intelligence of subconscious mind to create changes in our lives by learning new behaviours, healing what need to be healed, preserving learnings from the past and making new neurological connections to manifest our dreams. In hypnotic trance, we have all resources we need to create the future of our dreams.

Therefore by using hypnosis we can access the doorway to this inner world. This inner world of subconscious mind is the seat of all our emotions and memories which affects our physical well being. In hypnosis, by accessing subconscious mind, it opens new door to learning and healing.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

NLP, Neuro-linguistic programming began in the mid-1970s in America with the work of John Grinder, a professor of linguistics, and Richard Bandler, a psychologist.

Neurology                     The mind and how we think

Linguistic                       How we use language and how it affects us

Programming                How we sequence our actions to achieve goals

It explains how we process and use information and how this affects our state, physiology and behaviour. It explains how we think about our values and beliefs, how we create our emotional states, how we build our internal world and give it meaning.

In order to create new change in our life we must understand how we make sense of our worlds and how we construct our realities. NLP helps to break the patterns of negative thoughts and behaviours, perceive things in a positive light, unlearn things which are holding us back and make positive and achievable goals.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is about making you aware of your own potential, believe in your own abilities and show you the path. It helps you to set your clear SMART goals and achieve them to live more fulfilling life. Sometimes, we limit ourselves and our vision get clouded by the failures and self limiting thoughts. Coach shows your strength to yourselves, make you think positive and inspire and encourage you to bring more positive changes in the various areas of your life.