Coaching for executives in corporate world

My Name is Pankaj Garg and I am a Life Coach based in Slough, UK. I provide life coaching to corporate executives in mid-management, top management and entrepreneurs, for their personal development and the improvement of their mental health and well-being. This in turn helps result in their performance enhancement.

What is well-being? It is the state of being comfortable, happy, healthy, confident and motivated. The sense of feeling motivated and having a curious mind is important to enjoy and be happy in both personal and professional life.

I am running coaching courses for the professionals for their personal development and improving their performance by setting the priorities in their life. My course has been very successful and popular and I am excited to grow as such a fast pace.

My coaching of professionals is also divided into various modules such that they work to improve various areas of employees at the work-place viz. teamwork, leadership, setting and achieving goals, motivation, confidence etc.

Why there is a need of life coach? Over time, we keep accumulating negative clutter in our mind and there comes a time when the area in our mind which should be curious and available for creative things, get clogged. We become confused and find it difficult to strike a balance in our priorities in life.

Through my coaching, I can help individuals to clear the clutter from their mind and once again have a curious, exploring and motivated mind.

Understanding the power of the mind will enable individuals to understand their inner potential. It will prepare them to handle the challenges at work and generally in life. More importantly, show them techniques on how not to get disappointed with failures. It will help them to have positive thinking and a positive outlook in life and at work.

It will help individuals by showing them techniques to become more confident, strong and full of self-belief. The course will prepare individuals to set goals in life/work and persevere towards their goals. It will be helpful for personal development and improve their performance in all areas of their life.

Before taking up life coaching, I myself have worked for more than 26 years in the corporate world, in oil and gas projects across the globe. I have worked in London, Europe, the Middle East and far east countries. I understand that sometimes pressures of professional and personal lives can get the better of the individual and it can affect all spheres of their life. It is advisable to identify those red flags & dark clouds and talk to someone before it becomes too big and one gets sucked into it.

That’s where my role as a Life Coach becomes important. I take one-to-one sessions with executives/entrepreneurs so that they can open up and discuss any particular area which they want to improve.

This is interactive coaching which can be either face to face or online on Zoom / Microsoft teams.

Using techniques based on my training of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and mindfulness, executives/entrepreneur can be benefited with tools, methodologies and techniques on all the various modules detailed above, ultimately improving and maintaining their well-being.