Coaching for students

My Name is Pankaj Garg and I am a Life Coach based in Slough in UK. I provide life coaching to secondary school students for improving their mental health and well-being. What is well-being? It is the state of one being comfortable, happy, healthy, confident and motivated. It informs all aspect of one’s life such as mental health, physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, intellectual health as well as one’s social and economic interactions.

I would like to propose to you a holistic educational program through live / interactive lessons/courses. I am able to provide various sessions exploring mental health and well-being. You can see various course proposals which I run attached here. My current courses have proven extremely popular and I am excited to be growing at such a fast pace. The courses I am currently providing are:

  1. Improving mental health and well being

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  3. Improving confidence

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  5. Improving performance in exams and interviews

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  7. Setting and achieving goal

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At a time and stage where young people can be negatively affected with all sorts of life stresses, these sessions will provide them with the necessary tools to approach any kind of life problems, whether professional or personal, in a better and more prepared way. We always talk about IQ (intelligent quotient) being highly important to be successful in life, but very few know the importance of EQ (emotional quotient). In fact, emotional health is arguably a more important aspect in one’s life because it is ultimately our emotional health that has a huge impact on our confidence, performance, decisions, successes, and failures in all areas of our life, whether it is career, relationship or health.

In my programs, I use life coaching techniques based on my professional training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Mindfulness and the Power of the Mind to show how one can improve their overall well-being and make positive changes in life.

Through my programs, we will discuss the importance of emotional health and various techniques to improve mental health and well-being. Students will get immense benefits by attending my live and interactive courses, where I will introduce them to various techniques on how to improve their confidence & performance, how to prepare for exams and interviews and how to set and achieve goals in their careers. I will also share the success stories of various successful people in the fields of education, science, sports, arts, business, politics etc. to provide motivation and exemplary real-world applications of mindfulness.

I truly believe this extra provision will prove to be highly valuable and beneficial to any student’s overall lifestyle and well-being. It will advise them on how to practise and maintain a positive mindset. This in turn will benefit them in their education and help them to reach their full potential. After attending my courses, students will come out feeling positive, confident, motivated and ready to take on the world, equipped with a set of life skills that will benefit them for life.

Due to Covid-19, all my courses are currently being provided ONLINE on ZOOM / MICROSOFT TEAMS. However, I can also provide lessons in person if the school and the government guidelines allow so.

I can provide you further information on how the courses will be run, prices and number of students per group after receiving interest from you.