Hypnotherapy for Anger Management and Motivation

Why ARE You A Slave To Your Anger?

There could be any number of reasons why you might start to develop an anger problem. Life can be stressful and you may have learnt unskilful ways of coping with this stress. You’re likely to be prone to irritation or impatience if:

  • You’re a highly anxious person who gets upset when you aren’t able to control life situations;
  • You have unresolved conflicts in your life but avoid confrontation at all costs;
  • You were never allowed express your negative emotions when you were growing up
Professional Hypnotherapist for Anger Management and Motivation

Anger Turned Inwards

Being annoyed or upset doesn’t necessarily equate to aggression. You can express your anger in equally damaging passive-aggressive ways as well. Many of my clients have struggled with this kind if problem.

Examples are:

  • Stony silence or the ‘cold shoulder’;
  • Sarcasm;
  • Withholding affection, sex or love from your partner
The key to managing your anger is not to react to it. A feeling of infuriation or resentment may come up inside you but that doesn’t mean you are an ‘angry person’. Training your mind will teach you to observe your feelings from a distance rather than blindly reacting to them and becoming an ’anger-slave’.

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