My Journey

Pankaj Garg

I am a qualified mechanical engineer and worked in oil and gas industry for more than 25 years. I always had a very successful career and family. Till 2013, life was pretty good, albeit with the occasional challenges, but smooth overall. In 2013, I hit my major challenge of life, a health condition made me stressed. I started over thinking, worrying, fearing, feeling lost and almost depressed. I went down in negative spiral of thoughts and this also affected my relationship, which was my pillar of strength.

Still living with my family, I felt all alone, always drowned in my negative thoughts. It started affecting my confidence at work, my self-esteem. I started avoiding social gatherings and found myself isolating in my home with negative thoughts. I could see how one negative thought feeds to other and how it affected me as a person. It continued for about 4 years.

In the year 2017, having spent almost 4 years as a lost person, I started my journey towards self-discovery and healing. I started reading books about positivity and the power of our mind like

Pankaj garg lifecoach
  • The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
  • Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra,
  • You can heal your Life by Louise Hay,
  • Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza,
  • Detox your ego by Steven Sylvester,
  • The Miracle of mind power by Dan Custer
  • books on Astrophysics,
  • books on spirituality

Slowly, it opened awareness about my own power of mind, especially the sub-conscious mind. I started doing meditation and affirmations. I gained my lost confidence and self esteem. I became more aware of my thoughts and could easily choose positive thoughts and not give any power to negative thoughts.I was now feeling positive, healthy and happy.

However, still I was searching for something more, a more profound tool to help transform my life and others’. Then one day, while discussing life philosophy, a friend of mine suggested to take up a course on NLP and Hypnotherapy. It immediately dawned on me that I can use my own experience of life, the knowledge I have gained by reading books and powerful tools like Hypnotherapy and NLP to help more people.

It is important to mention here that during my dark days I tried a few alternative therapists myself for my healing like a hypnotherapist, counsellor etc. but I found my particular experiences here lacking in effectiveness and more importantly compassion and passion towards the client. I was not reached. This is the reason I decided to take up Hypnotherapy and NLP myself, because with my personal experience, I know what the expectations, needs and wants are of a client from their therapist. I take my role as a coach/therapist very passionately.