Does Hypnotherapy Really Work?

Does Hypnotherapy really work? Why Hypnotherapy works? What makes hypnotherapy work?
A lot of people have these questions in their mind, does hypnotherapy work? Or how hypnotherapy works? Or what makes hypnotherapy work?
The short answer to all of these questions is ‘YES’. There are lots of scientific research, evidences and cases in the last century or so which proves that hypnotherapy is a great healing therapy for many problems in our life ranging from performance, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, self esteem to a lot of clinical and medical problems. There are scientific evidences to its working and is accepted by medical authorities in almost all countries including UK and USA.

To understand – how hypnotherapy works? we need to understand few key points:

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How life works
Every thought we think is followed by the feeling associated with it. And the feelings we feel have effect on our very being. Our childhood and our environment while growing up is the building block of our nature, ideas we hold and our behaviour. It determines how we react to different situations and challenges in our life. By the time we grow into an adult we have set pattern of our thoughts and behaviour. Moreover, all these memories go into our subconscious mind and into every cell and tissues of our being. What it means - Our life goes into a default mode. We live our life with a set pattern of our behaviour and ideas. But here is the good news - Everything in the Universe is changing, nothing is permanent.

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We can also make a shift in our life by making positive and healthy changes but only if we become aware, recognize it and then practice positive and healthy choices.
Life is a combination of good and bad times. Nobody can avoid that. This awareness gives us reasons to be positive during challenging times. Spring will follow the Winter for sure.

Law of attraction
Some of you who have watched or read ‘The Secret’ would know about the law of attraction. Law of attraction says, what we think, what we feel - we attract the same in our life. In other words, we design our own life. Whether we are aware of it or not but the fact is we design our own life. This understanding is a very profound awareness. With this awareness we can stop blaming others and take responsibility of our own life. It means we are taking the power back. We are taking the power in our hand to shape our life as we want. If I am responsible for the problems in my life then I can make a change and bring success, happiness, joy and love into my life as well.
Isn’t it a powerful awareness?

Power of mind
As a conscious point of Life, you use mind continuously. And as you learn more about the mind and its power, you will discover that your mind is a miraculous instrument; and since you use mind, you may be called the magician. Once you become acquaint with this great instrument and its power, you can use it correctly to bring you health, happiness, success, yes, even your heart’s greatest desire.
You know from the law of attraction that your problems are the result of your wrong thinking patterns. To learn how to think is to learn how to live happily. Success and happiness are mathematical certainty if you use the power of mind correctly. Isn’t it wonderful to know that you have the Free Will to choose and decide what you will think, say and do? This ability to make a conscious choice gives you power. By making correct choices you can use the power of your mind in your favor like

Fear → Trust or positive Faith;
Guilt → it is ok to make mistake, learn and grow;

Anger → I can put my perspective across and I know that other may not agree and have their own perspective
Limiting ideas → I am learning all the time, growing and getting better. I am whole.

What is hypnotherapy
Do you know we have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind? Our conscious mind is analytical, logical and reasons everything. Whereas subconscious mind is simple and accepts everything without any reason or logic. The prime directive of our subconscious mind is our safety. All our fixed or limited ideas, behaviour patterns which we have cultivated in our life are stored in the subconscious mind.
In Hypnotherapy, therapist brings hypnosis or trance on client. Hypnosis or trance is a state of relaxation where conscious mind gets aside and subconscious mind is available for giving suggestions to make positive changes. During hypnotherapy, an experienced hypnotherapist gives positive suggestions to the client to replace the fixed ideas and behaviour which are not serving them well. As subconscious mind accepts the new healthy and positive ideas, this helps client to bring positive and sustainable changes in their life.

How Hypnotherapy Works:

In hypnotherapy, all of these principal works together and healing is achieved. When a client is presenting some symptoms, for example smoking, it indicates some kind of self-punishment. Deep down, in their subconscious mind there is/are area(s) in their life that they are in conflict with and need healing.
The three requisites for hypnotherapy are (1) the consent of the client (2) communication between client and therapist (3) Freedom from fear or inhibition on the client
It is important to mention here that during hypnosis, the client is always in control and in fact in hyperaware state because subconscious mind is available without any limit. You cannot remain stuck in trance and can come out of it whenever you want. Client has the power to accept the suggestions and as the prime directive of subconscious mind is safety, all suggestions which are safe and positive will be accepted easily.

In a hypnotherapy session, therapist helps client to bring to their awareness the reasons of their problems, what are the things they have been doing which brought them where they are. What blocks they are holding in their subconscious mind that prevent them to move forward.

Hypnotherapist then make suggestions to the client during hypnosis replacing those limiting beliefs and ideas in the subconscious mind with healthier and positive ideas and beliefs. Hypnotherapist helps client to use the limitless power of their subconscious mind to achieve their own healing.

This blog I have written based on my own learning and life experiences. But I would also like to mention the name of the people and books from whom I drew inspiration.

Dr Joe Dispenza ;
Dr John Butler;
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman
The Miracle of Mind power by Dan Custer

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Given the current times we are in where lot of subconscious thoughts may go in the negative direction, hypnotherapy will certainly be of assistance. Thank you for making me aware of hypnotherapy. Wishing you and your clients a lot of success.

Great work!!! awareness gives us reasons to be positive during challenging times and especially in the present COVID-19 situation.

Great to explore new ideas of life and awareness and it’s very interesting. Most of the time in our life we really don’t know ‘what we don’t know’!

Informative and interesting.You have articulated a complex subject in a simple language for a layman to understand.Keep it up.

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