Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss:

Does hypnotherapy for weight loss really work? The short answer is ‘yes’. Research shows that combining hypnotherapy with healthy eating and excercise can significantly improves the chances of body weight loss. In this article I will discuss the real causes of weight gain in healthy people and how hypnotherapy can help in controlling our thought process and help us to live our life with more awareness, in turn improving mental health in general to make ourselves much happier, bring balance in our life and in the process lose weight.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and Self Esteem

How weight gain happens:

Weight gain can happen due to medical reasons or some kind of medication.

But if you are in relatively good health and still find it difficult to shed extra pound, it is a symptom of something we need to change at a deeper level in our life. It is a pointer that we need to undergo transformation and bring balance in some areas of our life.

You must have heard people saying ‘I have put on weight, lately I have been eating healthy and been more physically active but still I can not lose weight.’
Then people talk about genes, how ‘my parents are over-weight, so I am. I cannot lose weight.’

In desperation people go on dieting, and may get some success for a short period of time but the weight comes right back. Moreover, dieting has its own side effects. Eating less is not the answer for losing weight. Our body needs minerals, vitamins and micro nutrients to sustain and function properly.

Now the question is, if we know that by eating healthy food and by doing more exercise, we can achieve healthy weight then why do we fail? Why is it difficult? Is it due to a lack of motivation?

Yes, lack of motivation could be one of the reasons. But what causes the lack of motivation?

The fact is even if our parents are over-weight and have been over-weight all through their life, we can still achieve a healthy weight. As you continue reading this article you will know how.

Although, eating healthy food and some form of exercise are paramount important to lose weight, but if you combine it with hypnotherapy, it will help to uncover the underlying emotional cause of weight gain.

Below, I will discuss the various factors which cause weight gain, and you will find the answers for a lot of questions that may bother you.

1. Stress:

Yes, stress is one of the biggest factors. When you are stressed, your body produces more cortisol; the stress hormone. This in turn gives signals to your body and each cell to bring on the fight mode. With time it becomes chronic stress, then the cortisol levels remain high and the body remains in fight mode, and it doesn’t know when to stop. After a while your mind gets tired and looks for something more comforting to overcome stress. Guess what this creates? The perfect platform for comfort eating or emotional eating. Not only that, due to the high level of stress and cortisol, the body metabolism becomes slow as well, and your body starts storing more fat instead of processing it. Here you go, stress presents a 2-pronged result: you start eating more, and your body starts storing more fat.
With stress levels high, even if you try to lose weight by eating less you may not be successful. In the process of eating less, you are depriving your body of important nutrients which can be unhealthy.

2. Mind Resistance:

You must have heard of the phrase ‘it’s all in the mind’. Yes, this is absolutely true. If you hold a belief in your mind that it is difficult for you to lose weight because ‘my parents were also over-weight’, ‘it’s in your genes’, ‘a lot of people struggle’, ‘my friend is struggling as well’, or ‘that’s just the way it is’ and so on, then no matter what you do and how hard you try; you will not be able to shed the extra pound from your body. By holding negative views, you have already lost the battle before it has started.

Having this kind of mind resistance brings the lack of motivation and then you give up! You try again, fail again and then give up again. In this process you have made the mind resistance even stronger. Because you have failed so many times in the past, you cannot lose weight. This statement has now become stamped on your subconscious mind.

From time to time, you may keep making efforts to lose weight and keep trying different things after seeing an advertisement or hearing from someone, such as a keto diet, protein diet, liquid diet, intermittent fasting etc. You may also start running, walking, exercise but the result is all the same. No success.

How can you lose weight, when in your subconscious mind you are holding the strong belief against it? The first step towards winning this battle is to let go of the resistance in your mind.

How can we achieve healthy Weight:

Our body is the outer expression of our mind. The way we think, our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, create each and every cell and tissue in our body. Even the genes we carry forward from our parents represent the thought process of our parents and our family. Therefore, our mind is a powerful tool and if we know how to use our mind, we can create the life we always wanted.
As I mentioned earlier, weight gain is the symptom and not the problem. It is a symptom that something is unbalanced at a deeper level in our life. It is an indicator that we need to create peace, harmony and balance in our mind which will not only be visible in our body in terms of healthy weight but it will transform our life for good.

With hypnotherapy, a trained hypnotherapist brings the various stressors, conflicts, imbalances to the awareness of the client’s conscious mind. Hypnotherapy helps in bringing the awareness to the clients about their own life. Through this they can feel more at peace and can make the right choices in various areas of their life and bring stability.

With the help of hypnotherapy, various fixed ideas and behaviours stored in the client’s subconscious mind can be replaced with healthy and positive ideas, thereby reducing the self-doubt and mind resistance.


When you feel more at peace and balanced, stronger, safe and free; your body balances the cortisol level, the stress hormone, and also the body metabolism changes for good.

With the help of Hypnotherapy, you can overcome stress and mind resistance which help you to create healthy eating habits and do more exercise. This way you can achieve the body weight and shape you have always dreamt of.

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