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Pankaj Garg

I totally believe in myself and I believe that everyone has got infinite creative intelligence. It is our birth right to be happy, joyful, peaceful and enjoy every moment of our life to the fullest with love and excitement. I know we all can achieve it. How? By living life with full conviction and confidence and by banishing our own limiting beliefs, decisions, patterns and behaviours responsible for where we are in our life.

I am very passionate about what I do, help people to realize their own inner potential and find alignment with inner self thereby achieving success and more fulfilling life. I had my own share of life experiences where I felt stuck, hopeless and negative but then to rise above from there and to be able to make total transformation in my life makes life coaching for people, my passion more than a job.

When I work with you, I listen to you carefully with full empathy and form a connection with you. This will help in getting to know your inner thought patterns and behaviour which are responsible for today where you are. I slowly guide you to know yourself better. I then, with your consent guide you to release unwanted thought patterns and behaviour and replace those with more positive and powerful thoughts.

I am so passionate about finding the root cause of your problem and to help you transforming that most of the time I overrun the session time.

Yogita Garg

I myself has been on this wonderful journey of self exploring, learning and polishing myself. I have formed deeper connections with my inner self and have cultivated all the qualities I always wanted to achieve within myself. I have fought many challenges in life and have found the real truth behind our life stories. Within this process of self-development for many years of my life I have emerged a much stronger, calmer, resilient and wiser version of myself. That's what I can assure any client with each and every session - you will be becoming the better version of yourself and nothing less than that. All issues can be resolved and the best outcomes will emerge within our conversations. I assure you that you will not feel stuck in any aspect of your life and all kind of challenges will be completely resolved.

My greatest aim and passion lies in helping my clients find and achieve their well-being to the highest level, prioritizing mindfulness, positivity, self-belief, and determination.
Pankaj garg lifecoach