Areas of Therapy

Hypnotherapist near me, I am near you wherever you are based as I am seeing clients online as well and Online hypnotherapy works as well as session in persons. I see clients going through various problems in their life whether it is about their career, mental health and well being or any health or medical issues.
My area of therapy covers a long range of issues, some of them are listed here:


Career Issues:
I use NLP techniques and sometime hypnotherapy to provide life coaching for performance enhancement, improving leadership qualities, managing team and improving results with team work, setting and achieving goals in life.


Mental Health:
I provide hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress or depression to improve the mental health of my client. I use NLP techniques as well to ask questions around the life of my clients and help them to find their own answer feel motivated and relaxed about themselves.


Medical Problem:
I provide hypnotherapy for IBS issues, weight loss, pain, allergies, skin problems and other psychosomatic diseases.


Performance Enhancement General Health and well being
Fear of public speaking Anger Depression
Confidence Low self Esteem Pain
Managing people Anxiety Eating Disorders
Teamwork Phobias Allergies
Leadership Panic Attacks Cancers
Presentation skills Stress Respiratory Illness like Asthma, Sinusitis
Interview skills Addiction (Smoking/Alcohol) Mummy/Daddy issues
Helping others to achieve a goal Relationships issues Deep Rooted issues
Setting goals Improve focus Skin issues like Psoriasis, Eczema, Warts, Vitiligo
Fear of flying or any other kind of fear Weight Loss
IBS or digestive issues
Easier childbirth


Pankaj Garg Life Coach is a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner in Slough. I have got the best training from HTI & Inspire 360 and I use my own life experience to connect to my client. I provide bespoke solution to your problems whether it is life coaching for a career or hypnotherapy for stress in the UK. If you are looking for Hypnotherapy in Slough or Hypnotherapy in Berkshire or Best Hypnotherapist in Slough UK, look no further.


I am also fully trained in clinical hypnotherapy for the past traumas of childhood or past life. I am also fully trained in medical hypnotherapy for many illnesses such as skin problems, asthma, sinuses, digestive issues, IBS etc.


I have got successful results with many of my clients for the hypnotherapy for weight loss, smoking cessation or any other addiction.


I also provide life coaching for relationship issues whether you have issues with your partner, boss, friends or parents. I use NLP techniques combined with hypnosis to bring positive change in your life.


Any other issues can be resolved which is burdening you like hypnotherapy for confidence, hypnotherapy for phobia or morbid fears, hypnotherapy for anger, hypnotherapy for improving performance.


Now, connect with us and browse through areas of therapy here to lead a healthy, optimistic life full of positive outlook.


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