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Life is not about suffering or problems, but life is to explore, enjoy,
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My name is Pankaj Garg and I am a certified professional life coach and Hypnotherapist in Slough and based in UK. I work as a Life Coach, Counsellor, NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist in Slough UK.
I am a fast result hypnotherapist and counsellor. I am also a member of Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). I use various NLP techniques, mindfulness, time line therapy and hypnosis to achieve healthy mindset and transform life of my clients. I am a solution-focused hypnotherapist and I promise you to get fast results from Hypnotherapy.
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I'm Yogita Garg, an Accredited NLP Therapist, life coach, hypnotherapist and counsellor. I am also working as volunteer for NHS. I use various tools such as the time based technique, perceptual positions and many other methods to derive the best results for my clients. I navigate my clients in therapies towards accomplishing their desired goals and targets. I specialise in supporting and elevating all individuals to feel happier, more relaxed and in charge of their life. I have expertise in deep relaxation therapies for any kind of stress or anxieties, low moods, addictions or depression. The therapy provided by me makes my client feel fully empowered and resourceful to resolve their issues through unlocking the power they have in themselves. I also help my clients to find their sense of purpose in life and live fully with joy and vitality.
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What We do

We provide life coaching, counseling using NLP techniques and therapy using hypnotherapy, time line therapy that’s bespoke to your needs. We help you to see hope, remove your negative baggage, instil confidence, improve well-being, improve performance and personal development to enable you to live the life you want & deserve. We can help you to find inner peace and joy in your life.
We help our clients with Hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress, overcome depression, quit smoking, weight loss and many more issues as detailed in Area of Therapy.
We are very passionate about helping people to transform, to find direction, perform better, improve mental health & well-being and achieve goals so that they can lead better, more fulfilling and satisfying lives.

Our services

  1. Therapy to Individual:

    I take one to one session with individual clients at my home in a therapeutic and relaxing room. My sessions are generally 60-90 minutes long. I incorporate hypnotherapy, time line therapy and NLP techniques to provide tailormade solution to the individual needs. I use solution focused hypnotherapy and provide counseling using NLP techniques.

  1. Coaching to Students:

    I provide various coaching courses using NLP techniques to students of high schools and university to improve their mental health and well-being, improving confidence, preparing for exams and interviews, setting and achieving goals. I run these courses in a group of 5-6 students. I tailor made my courses to the students need. These are interactive courses and I make them interesting so that students feels comfortable and likes to participate.

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  1. Coaching to Executives / Entrepreneur:

    I provide coaching courses using NLP techniques to the executive in mid management and senior management level and to entrepreneur for their personal development and healthier mindset. Normally I run these courses on one to one basis so as to provide comfortable environment for the individual to feel relax. Using NLP techniques, I can focus on specific areas at the work place or life in general.

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Why you need Coaching / Therapy

We all were born as a WHOLE person full of love, compassion, wisdom, peace and happiness. But as we grow into an adult, we acquire self-limiting beliefs, fixed ideas and decisions about ourselves as a result of our conditioning and social expectations. This in turn prevents us from experiencing life to the fullest, it affects our relationships, finances, performance, health and many other areas in our life. We feel stuck, demotivated, negative, stressed, fearful, anxious, depressed with low self-esteem and it seems there is only darkness. We blame others for our problems.

How Coaching can help

Coaching can help you in many ways. It helps to become aware of your own thought process, self-talks and discovering your patterns and behaviour. It then gives you clarity about the real truth of life. It helps you find your own inner strength and intelligence to find the solution thereby making you strong and face challenges in all areas of your life.
Coaching helps you clear your clouds of doubts and hopelessness and tap into your own intelligence. It assists you to love and accept yourself thereby make better choices and better decisions. It makes you free, happy, strong and peaceful. It makes you understand that every problem has got a solution. It makes you confident and allows you to dream and achieve your goals whether in career, business, relationship or health.
Most of us live our life on default mode with the same patterns and familiarity, all the while feeling miserable. Coaching empowers you to see the truth and design your better future, dream of the unknown, make a positive change and get rid of negative patterns which are not serving you. Our answers are within us: coaching simply shines the light on those answers. Our future is shaped entirely by our present state, thoughts and actions.
That’s where my role as a therapist/coach becomes important. I introduce you to your own inner resources, wisdom and potential thereby improving your mental health and well-being.

About Me

I am certified in Hypnotherapy Skills for Life change, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherpay, NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy™

I’m fully qualified in Hypnotherapy skills for Life Change, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy, having had the honour of training hypnotherapy under Dr John Butler (Director of the Hypnotherapy Training International). I practice Dave Elman and Gil Boyne Hypnotherpay techniques.


Pankaj garg life coach

Pankaj Garg

What others have to say

Jilly BayfordJilly Bayford

Hi Yogita, Thank you for Saturday's TBT, I thought it went really well,and through our already existing rapport built I was able to quickly ascertain where my timeline ran e.g. vertically.

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Suman MehtaSuman Mehta

Dear Yogita, thank you for an enlightening and nurturing NLP therapy session in person on 30th April 2022, I found Yogita to be very sincere, respectful and empathetic to me throughout our session.

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Urbi SuhanUrbi Suhan

I was extremely comfortable speaking to Pankaj Garg after our first initial phone call, I felt like I could trust him straight away and it was like talking to a very close friend. He was always very reassuring and I felt like I could openly speak about everything with him with no judgement and no discomfort.
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I have been seeing Pankaj now for the last few weeks and I can honestly say that he has changed my whole outlook on life. I have had a lot of difficult things going on and with no control over the outcome...
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Before working with Pankaj Garg, I was not a believer in hypnotherapy. When I was struggling with trying to get over my toxic ex, my friend suggested trying hypnotherapy with Pankaj. He came highly recommended so I went in with an open mind.

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I began by having an initial consultation after a friend recommended Pankaj’s life coaching therapies. I was a little apprehensive about my first video chat but Pankaj quickly put me at ease, explaining everything...

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After having hypnosis, I am walking tall and enjoying life to the full, thank you Pankaj.

Katie SheridanKatie Sheridan

A huge thank you to Pankaj for our session. I came away feeling really positive and inspired. I have been listening to the recording Pankaj made me on a daily basis and have already noticed in just one week...

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Hey Pankaj, I just wanted to let a big THANK YOU for helping me so much. I have not smoked now for at least one week after out last session! And have been listening to the recordings you sent everyday. They are helping me become more aware of my thoughts and I can already tell I am feeling so much better!


I did four sessions with Pankaj, after his wife who's a very dear friend suggested I try hypnotherapy with him, as I was suffering from undiagnosed fatigue. I immediately signed up, as I know she would never...

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Thank you so much Pankaj, I have had a few sessions with you and I already feel the benefits. I feel stronger in myself and more confident in myself.

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Pankaj Garg was highly recommended to me by my mother who had a hypnotherapy session with him. I had been experiencing some anxiety related to my relationship and wanted to overcome these feelings and have a more positive outlook.

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How therapy can help you

This will give you the ability to make the changes in your life you want to feel good now. Helping you feel better as you deal with the thoughts and feelings that you can experience while stuck or after a traumatic life changing event.

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