Improving performance in exams and interviews

Course Title: Improving performance in exams and interviews

Subject: Well-being and mental health

Age Group:11+

Number of Lessons:8

Duration of Lessons:60 Mins

Key Skills

  • Confidence building
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Positive thinking
  • Visualizing techniques

Course Overview

Understanding how our mind works will enable students to avoid negative self-talk. Methods will be provided to build their ability to have positive thinking and positive outlook in life.

The course will be helpful for student to build self-esteem. It will also talk about the techniques to prepare for exams and interview. The course will introduce students with the visualization techniques to improve their performance.

The course will talk about the various successful people and what they do to improve their performance. The course will include examples of few successful people and their life journey to motivate the students and improve their performance.

Using techniques of NLP and mindfulness, students can be benefited with tools for improving and maintaining their performance.


Lesson Titles Lesson 1: How our mind sabotages us – Eliminate negative self talk

Lesson 2: Build the ability to think positive

Lesson 3: How to build self-esteem

Lesson 4: How to prepare for exams or interviews

Lesson 5: Visualization techniques for improving performance

Lesson 6: How successful people improve their performance

Lesson 7: Biography of successful people in their field

Lesson 8: Role of mindfulness to improve performance