Suman Mehta

Dear Yogita, thank you for an enlightening and nurturing NLP therapy session in person on 30th April 2022, I found Yogita to be very sincere, respectful and empathetic to me throughout our session.

I had given her idea on the phone before our session that what I would like to talk about,
Before our session we also chatted for 10-15 minutes to catch up as we had met in person after a very long time. She told me before that in the session she will be using some NLP techniques appropriately on me which she has been trained in, she asked me my consent if I am comfortable to be navigated in few places back in time and travel through different times and phases in my life. She also asked me if I am ready and okay for any uncomfortable emotions can come out from our conversations and techniques, I was absolutely fine with whatever comes out which I need to release from my life. I am amazed that how beautifully she took me to my memories and I went back into times as my early childhood, with my parents, my university times , the times I spent with my two brothers and also early memories with my husband.
So the time based technique used, was very effective in making me understand my childhood experiences through to my adulthood. What came out was that my equation with my mom could be sorted out, which used to still get entangled at times,

Through travelling through my time line and floating above I could understand many things. And I could go higher and higher which made all those things seem very small and distant. We discussed my relationship with my mother as a child and how that affected my behaviour into my adulthood. Yogita quickly helped me to understand my mother’s upbringing and understand her perspective as a parent, as well as making me have compassion. Yogita asked very pertinent questions that made me reflect on both mine and my mother’s behaviour, which was very insightful and empowering for me.

The session ended with a beautiful deep meditation, which made me feel peaceful and calm almost as if a heavy burden had been taken off my shoulders. I would highly recommend Yogita to anyone wanting to develop a higher understanding of themselves, to gain self esteem and for anxiety, depression and self reflection. Thank you so much Yogita and I look forward to another session with you in the future.

Much love and gratitude.
Suman Mehta
Multi Agency Safeguarding Unit
Thames Valley Police