How your mind sabotage you

3 ways your mind is sabotaging you:

1. You are hard wired and super coded to run away from 'Unknown ' and run back to what is 'Known '.

An example of this is most of the time you reject your praise and add your own criticism. Because your own criticism is more familiar and that's what you have been doing.

The way to go about it is, you make your praise, success familiar, make no sugar in the tea familiar and so on.

Pankaj garg lifecoach

2. Fear of Rejection.

You may not attempt to do something due to fear of rejection. Be it in relationship, or a career.

Rejection in fact open new doors of opportunities if you can bounce back.

3. We tell ourselves Lies.

Like I am not good enough, I am overweight, I cannot do this and so on..

If you have to tell a lie to yourself then at least tell a better lie. .

Like I am amazing, I have phenomenal skills, I have perfect body and so on.

Don't let your mind sabotage you but use it to have happy and fulfilling life. Because that's the tool you have got to make a difference.

Hypnotherapy helps in taking control of your thoughts.

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