I have been seeing Pankaj now for the last few weeks and I can honestly say that he has changed my whole outlook on life. I have had a lot of difficult things going on and with no control over the outcome of these things, he has helped to transform me from worrying and being anxious all the time to a strong minded and positive individual. He has provided me with the right tools to manage any situation now that arises and not let it flood me with negative and bad energy. I would highly recommend Pankaj to anyone that is dealing with any difficulties in their lives as well as someone who is looking for help to navigate and guidance on changing your mindset to achieve all the things you most desire. I could not recommend a better therapist. Pankaj spends the time to talk through with you anything that is troubling you without any judgement and helps you to work through the issues by asking you questions, to see situation from a different perspective. He will also use hypnotherapy which is extremely helpful to speak to your unconscious mind by putting you in a relaxed and comfortable state. I have left every session feeling on top of the world. Pankaj is a dedicated therapist who has always run over his session time to ensure that he gets to the root of the issue. I highly recommend him and thank him for helping me in my own personal journey.