Pankaj garg lifecoach

Pankaj Garg was highly recommended to me by my mother who had a hypnotherapy session with him. I had been experiencing some anxiety related to my relationship and wanted to overcome these feelings and have a more positive outlook. Pankaj not only helped me see things from a different perspective, he allowed me to experience that “lightbulb moment” where I realised the changes that needed to be made myself. In addition to this, he helped me look within myself to identify the changes that I could bring about in order to lead a more positive and happy life, which would then project onto my relationship, resulting in the outcomes I desired. I felt extremely comfortable sharing my experiences with him and he was keen to listen to everything I had to say with no judgements or negative energy.

I’ve always been keen on trying hypnotherapy and was excited to experience it first-hand but I never expected this experience to be so effective. I felt so relaxed - almost in REM sleep and physically felt waves of contentment flowing through my body. I woke up feeling refreshed, happy and positive and would definitely highly recommend Pankaj Garg. I am so grateful that I could have this session with him and feel so much happier after it.