Role of Life Coaching

We all were born as a WHOLE person full of love, compassion, wisdom, peace and happiness. But as we grow into an adult, we acquire self-limiting beliefs, fixed ideasand decisions about ourselves as a result of our conditioning and social expectations. This in turn prevents us from experiencing life to the fullest, it affects our relationships, finances, performance, health and many other areas in our life. We feel stuck, demotivated, negative, stressed, fearful, anxious, depressed with low self-esteem and it seems there is only darkness. We blame others for our problems.

That’s where my role as a therapist/coach becomes important. I introduce you to your own inner resources, wisdom and potential. I can help you to see hope, remove your negative baggage, instil confidence, improve health, improve performance and personal development to enable you to live the life you want & deserve. I can help you to find inner peace and joy in your life.