Jilly Bayford

Hi Yogita, Thank you for Saturday's TBT, I thought it went really well,and through our already existing rapport built I was able to quickly ascertain where my timeline ran e.g. vertically.

We went through what I had experienced 2 years ago and if this incident related to something further back, during the process I was able to straight away pinpoint an experience of when I was 4 years old and talk through the state I was in back then which related directly to how I was just 2 years ago. You were really good at taking me above my timeline and floating me above it and when necessary you took me up further so that my future timeline was just an inch.

You related to my 4 year old to present day and you gave me the choice naturally of what I will do in the future with this new found knowledge.

The insights I gained from our therapy was very valuable and you used good questions to elicit the right questions for my unconscious mind to answer.

We spoke at length about how my experience of 2 years ago will not be the same going forward into my new job role or company which was a very insightful thing to say and which allowed me to think about the future in a different light.

We ended our conversation with a discussion regarding the power I have in slowing down, pausing and being gently with my time, I realise space and time are a useful frame of mind for me in my very busy life.

Thanks again Yogita and catch up soon.

All the best
Jilly Bayford