Personal development and Improving well being corporate

Course Title: Personal development and improving well-being

Subject: Personal development and well-being

Age Group:Adults

Number of Lessons:10

Duration of Lessons:60 Mins

Key Skills

  • Confidence building
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Positive thinking
  • Mindfulness
  • Improving performance
  • Team Building
  • Leadership

Course Overview

The course will be helpful to improve overall personal development and well-being of the employees. This in turn will result in the employee’s performance enhancement.

What is well-being? It is the state of being comfortable, happy, healthy, confident and motivated.

The course is divided into various modules such that to improve various areas of employees at work-place viz. teamwork, leadership, setting and achieving goals, motivation, confidence etc.

This is an interactive course which can be either face to face or online on Zoom. Understanding the power of mind will enable employee to understand their inner potential. It will prepare employee to handle the challenges at work and generally in life. More importantly not to get disappointed with failures. It will help them to have positive thinking and positive outlook in life and at work.

During the course, we will also discuss any particular area which employee want to improve.

It will be helpful to become confident, strong and full of self-belief. The course will prepare employees to set the goals in life and persevere towards their goals. It will be helpful for personal development and improve performance in all areas of their life.

The course will include examples of few successful people and their life journey to motivate the employees.

Using techniques of NLP and mindfulness, employees can be benefited with tools for improving and maintaining their well-being.

Lesson Titles Lesson 1: What is power of mind and mindfulness

Lesson 2: How to make positive changes in life

Lesson 3: How to build confidence and self-belief

Lesson 4: How to improve performance

Lesson 5: How to keep motivated

Lesson 6: What is Leadership and its significance

Lesson 7: How to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based)

Lesson 8: How to handle challenges and failures

Lesson 9: Significance of teamwork

Lesson 10: Journey of Successful people